About us


Our vision and approach to consulting 

"Together let's build a resilient, fair and environmentally friendly economy." We encourage innovation, ingenuity in our organizational and entrepreneurial models and an understanding of the well-being of all "(Sara Hernandez, Managing Director). 

We listen to our clients and help them to develop strategies that supports ecological transition, by mobilizing levers from economic tools, including environmental economics, and responsible finance, in a changing economic context. 

Our approach is multidisciplinary, both in the competence of the experts in our network available to our clients, as well as by structuring solutions in a complex and interdependent environment.

Our priority is to ensure that our clients improve their economic, environmental and social performance.
Which is why we have been engaged to :

  • Amplify the positive effects of changing economic and organizational models 
  • Provide specific solutions tailored to regional needs
  • Promote innovation, ingenuity in our economic, organizational and entrepreneurial models through the development of strategic partnerships.

Sara Hernandez Consulting Limited has also 

An international presence: in Europe, France and England, and in South America, Colombia, enabling it to understand other rich and varied institutional environments and to draw inspiration from these, to propose innovative solutions.

An innovative organization: a collaborative network of experts, offering high-level consultancy services adapted to meet requirements 



Sara Hernandez Consulting Limited is an independent company for consultancy and R&D in green growth strategies. It supports public sector agencies (local authorities, public administration, NGOs) as well as those in the private sector in their transition to a new economy/business model that integrates environmental and social issues. It is dedicated to participating in research programs in these areas of its expertise.   Created in 2016, by Sara Hernandez, Doctor of Environmental Economics. She has 19 years of expertise in the fields of biodiversity, water resources and ecological services. She has expertise in economic valuation techniques, environmental impact assessment, cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analysis; in addition to the design and implementation of market-based instruments and innovative financing mechanisms (payment for environmental services, water markets, compensation mechanisms, responsible finance). Her specialist expertise is in the implementation of green growth or ecological transition strategies.   She has also served as a technical advisor to governments, local authorities, private sector companies in various institutional and cultural contexts. She has managed projects sponsored by the World Bank, the European Union and the Convention on Biological Diversity.  She successfully conducted the negotiations on access and benefit-sharing of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) at national and European levels during the French Presidency of the European Union.  

Her expertise applies to the following themes : 

- biodiversity
- water resources
- ecological services
- adaptation to climate change
- circular economies
- innovative models for entrepreneurship and organisation



Diplômée du Master 2 Droit de l’environnement (Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne - Paris 2 Panthéon Assas) et du Master 2 Droit européen (Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne-Université degli studi di Firenze), Isabella a rejoint le Cabinet Sara Hernandez Consulting après des expériences professionnelles en cabinet d’avocats internationaux et ONG.

Au cours de ses différentes expériences professionnelles Isabella a développé une expérience dans les domaines du :
- Droit de l’environnement,
- Droit de l’urbanisme,
- Droit foncier,
- Droit de la propriété publique et privée.

Elle intervient auprès des établissements publics et privés et des collectivités territoriales en conseil en droit de l’urbanisme, droit foncier, droit de la propriété publique. Enfin, elle est membre de l’Association des Juristes en droit de l’Environnement (AJDE) et de l’Association des Juristes italo-français (AJIF).




Fanny Claise with a Master's degree in Economic Analysis and Policy, is specializing in public decisions modeling. She wrote a research paper on the analysis of the decision-making of individuals in a risky environment after completing an internship at EconomiX, a research center operated by the University of Paris Nanterre and the CNRS.

Junior Consultant - Economic Evaluation and Public Policy Analysis - Fanny brings her knowledge in economic valuation methods. She will devoted to bring behavioral economics into the design of incentive systems, organizational models and territorial policies. Her skills in quantitative analysis, statistics and micro-econometrics are an asset for the various projects with an environmental dimension for social innovation. She began a PhD in collaboration with EconomiX and Sara Hernandez Consulting Company on the contribution of experimental economics in the development of auction systems applicable to the implementation of payment for Ecosystem Services, as part of the CPES project.